Contains five plastic LAV-25, two plastic AT upgrade sprues, one tank commander sprue, one motar crew sprue, one decal sheet and eight unit cards.

The Light Armoured Vehicle, or LAV, is one of the newest vehicles in the Marine Corps’ arsenal. Based on the Swiss MOWAG Piranha and built by General Motors in Canada, this vehicle offers the Marines a fast, highly mobile reconnaissance and light fire support vehicle.

Introduced in 1983, the Marine Corps have organised a number of light armoured vehicle battalions equipped with the LAV and assigned to the Marine divisions. Each battalion has four light armoured vehicle companies equipped with LAV-25, LAV-AT and LAV-M vehicles.

The standard LAV-25 found in the light armoured vehicle platoons mounts a turret armed with an M242 25mm chain gun that can fire anti-tank and high explosive rounds. A coaxial M240 machine-gun is mounted alongside the chain-gun, and a pintle-mounted M240 machine-gun is mounted on the turret roof.