It started with an Airborne assault, hitting vital defences
behind the enemy lines. It was followed by a full scale
amphibious invasion on the beaches of Normandy.
Operation Overlord was in full swing, with about 160,000
men crossing the English Channel to land on the beaches
of Normandy on D-Day alone.
Facing the Allied Army was the Atlantic Wall, defensive
positions that the Germans had spent years preparing.
Behind this Atlantic Wall, a dozen veteran panzer and parachute
divisions, rebuilding after desperate battles on the
Eastern Front, prepared to throw any Allied landing back
into the sea. On D-Day, 6 June 1944, the greatest air and
sea invasion of the war crossed the English Channel to land
on the beaches of Normandy. Although they were unable to
throw the Allies back into the sea, the German forces held
back the Allied tide for more than three months in some
of the most intense fightinf of the 2nd WW. The
battle for Europe had begun in earnest.

• Army lists for German, British, and American forces in
Normandy, including Armoured, Mechanised, Infantry,
and Airborne forces, as well as specialised forces like
Commandos and Rangers.
• Detailed unit histories to inspire your next projects.
• Missions and Scenarios allowing you to recreate the
the Bocage.
• Inspirational colour photos.
• Painting and basing guides.