The Twin-Tailed Crusade has overcome horrors, triumphed in battle, and raised two mighty cities in the name of the God-King Sigmar: Verdigris and Embergaard. But disaster awaits one of them as the Darkoath, Abraxia, and darker forces yet array their power against them.

Hounds of Chaos contains warscrolls for Abraxia, the Spear of the Everchosen, all of the new Darkoath units, and a Regiment of Renown in the shape of Brand’s Oathbound. There are two Armies of Renown: the Swords of Chaos, comprised of Abraxia and her loyal Varanguard, and the Tribes of the Snow Peaks, a muscular throng of Darkoath.

Rounding things out is the final part of the Twin-Tailed Crusade Path to Glory supplement for the Cities of Sigmar, which will decide the ultimate fate of your city.