If you joined us for Day 1 of Warhammer Fest Online, you’ll no doubt have been looking forward to book 4 of the Broken Realms saga ever since. This chapter takes the action to Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, where the indomitable Sigmarite city of Excelsis lies.

Having been inadvertently freed from imprisonment, Kragnos, a primordial beast of terrible power, unleashes his wrath upon the city in a seismic battle, with the forces of Destruction following in his wake.

The stage is certainly set for an epic encounter, but the thrilling narrative has more far-reaching implications for the future of the Mortal realms than a mere siege could possibly determine. This is must-read lore for any fan of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

What’s more, there are loads of new rules in the book, from warscrolls for the miniatures introduced below, to warscroll battalions and other updates for existing battletomes. You can also find six battleplans that let you refight the epic clashes described in the narrative.