The Starks are known to be dependable,
resilient, and above all, loyal. This goes double
for their leaders. These warriors from House
Stark lead the armies of the North in the War of
the Five Kings. Each one under the Direwolf
banner is an expert in some part of military
engagement. Rodrik Cassel and Howland Reed
can lead individual units on specialized roles.
Brynden Tully and Eddard Stark are at home
controlling the overall force with tactics and
strategy. The presence of Bran Stark and his
companion Hodor and the direwolf Summer, are
enough to instill courage in the troops and make
them hold the line. All of the characters in the
Stark Heroes set for the A Song of Ice and Fire:
Tabletop Miniatures Game will come in handy in
the war for the fate of Westeros.